1937 Beechcraft "Staggerwing" Model F-17D NC18555

The design of a Beechcraft Model 17 sets it apart from all other planes. The profile view of its biplane wings & retracted landing gear present a look of motion that's unique to this day. When a spectator saw one in flight over 75 years ago, he coined its now well known descriptive nickname: "The Staggerwing". This website documents the last 5 years of a 15 year long restoration of a Model D-17S Staggerwing.

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Russ Latta's D-17S Landing At Frazier Lake Airpark

"Swinging The Gear" on Bill Thursby's G-Model Staggerwing

Bob & Jane Hoff's D-17S Visiting Frazier Lake Airpark

Wan & Yon Perras' Immaculate D-17S

The Staggerwing Has More Than 10,000 Parts

Cutting & Welding The Tubular Steel Fuselage

Checking the Fuselage Tubing For Accurate Alignment Repair

Fuselage Formers & Stringers, Cables & Pulleys

Wood Formers & Stringers Make Up The Fuselage "Birdcage"

Finished "Birdcage" With Doors, Tail Wheel & Tail Feathers

Rebuilt Seat Frames With New Rails, Hardware & Cabin Floor

New Right Lower Wing Under Construction

Wing Construction Close Up

Finished Lower Wing and Flap with A Fresh Coat of Varnish

Right Lower Wing's Custom Made Metal Leading Edge

Fitting The New Right Lower Wing to The Fuselage

Fitting The Rebuilt Left Lower Wing to The Fuselage

Fitting The Fuselage's Right Side Sheet Metal & Wing Walk

Fitting The Fuselage's Left Side Sheet Metal & Wing Walk

Assembly of Fuselage, Tail Feathers & Lower Wings

Rigging All 4 Wings With The I Struts & Landing/Flying Wires

Fitting The Metal Fairing Panels Under The Belly Tank

Newly Fabricated I Strut Fairing On Lower Wing

Protective Canvas Tail Wheel Mechanism Cover

Inside View of The Fuselage With Its Poly Fiber Cover On

Poly Fiber with Poly Spray on the Fuselage

Fuselage With AeroThane Polar Gray Polyurethane Paint

Repairing The Engine Cowl Lower Half "Hat Ring" Bracket

Engine Cowl Lower Half With Replacement Center Panel

Rebuilt Dumore Landing Gear Motor by Bob Hayes

Restored & Polished 29 Gal Fuel Tank Under Cabin Floor

Chrome Plated Spinner Ready For The New Prop

Hamilton Standard 2D30-235-6167A-12 Prop From Johnson's

Overhauled R-985 by Aero-Engines in Los Angeles, CA

R-985 Ready To Run On The Aero-Engines Test Stand

Fabricating The Upper & Lower Instrument Panels

Progress On the Instrument Panel & Interior Upholstery

A Few More Controls to Attach & The Panel Will Be Done

Cabin Leather, Carpet & Wool Headliner Taking Shape

The R-985 Almost Ready for Air, Oil, Spark & Gas

The Hamilton Standard 2D30 Propeller All Polished Up

A Couple More Months and She Should Be Ready To FLY

First Engine Run on December 30, 2010

In The Paint Shop For The Fuselage "Bird" Stripes

Out of The Paint Shop & Ready For The Last Few Details!

Colors are Polar Gray, Diana Creme and Tennessee Red

Now Flying From Frazier Lake Airpark (1C9), Hollister, CA

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